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Decentralized AI-powered Trust Alliance (DTA)

09-02 上币投票


全称:Data Trust Alliance









 DATA is a blockchain based digital data authentication protocol powered by AI & P2P mobile storage infrastructure, enabling a decentralized and trusted digital ecosystem. Our mission is to help solve data fraud issue while return value to end users for their data ownership and attention contribution.

Token 的实际用途/用例:

 DTA are used as blockchain reward to incentivize user data onto the chain and apply machine learning model to determine the reward and perform fraud detection at the same time.



Jun. 2012 Yomob started as an internal SaaS platform for mobile developers before spun off from its original company.

Jan. 2015 Yomob ad monetization optimization service started development

Oct. 2016 Yomob successfully served more than 10 mobile app teams for ad monetization optimization while generating over $1 million USD

Jan. 2017 Yomob spun off as an independent entity in global regions and officially released its platform for global developers.

Jun. 2017 Yomob started to explore blockchain technology in Ad tech and SaaS spaces.

Nov. 2017 DATA white paper drafted.

Dec. 2017 Yomob serves over 2000 mobile developers globally with monthly user reach over 120 million, as well as over 50 top ad networks and DSPs world-wide been integrated as key partners


2018 Q1 Blockchain Data Foundation founded.

2018 Q1 DATA Project institution-only private token sale as ERC20 token on Ethererum. Marketing strategy formed.

2018 Q2 DATA first prototype initial testing including DTA distribution system and etc.


2018 Q3 Alpha launch of DATA Chain and system, integrated inside Yomob’s SDK (DATA version). First Go-to-market strategy executed.

2018 Q3 Finish Closed Alpha test with selected participants from developers on Yomob platform. Distribute DTA with developers, users and miners.
2018 Q4 Conversion of ERC20 based DATA Token to native token. Closed Beta launch of DATA on Yomob platform with most of its developers.

2019 Q1 Open Beta launch of DATA on Yomob platform. Release Beta version of DATA SDK Protocol.


2019 Q1 Start industry collaboration with initial strategic partners including both ad networks and developers. Start building DATA ecosystem and generate DTA.

2019 Q1 Release Alpha Version of M³ for initial testing.


2019 Q2 Fully functional DATA system to include wallet, micropayment. Provide external APIs / SDK solutions for developers to enable in-app purchase for virtual goods and services to their end users.

2019 Q2 Release Beta Version of M³.

2019 Q3 Partner with selected industry strategic partners such as mobile SaaS service providers, App Stores, developers, ad networks , DSPs, ad exchanges, SSPs and etc. for utilizing DTA as a currency for more use cases.

2019 Q4 Official launch of DATA Project and parallel marketing promotion for broad industry adoption. Open invite to engage partners up- and down-stream of the ecosystem.


 Franklin Song/Co-founder&CEO: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xiaoxiao-franklin-song-12a6391a/
Mr. Song is a serial entrepreneur and cofounded several start-ups including a global mobile game developing and publishing company SOULGAME which earns the most Apple App Store global game features among all Chinese companies. Mr. Song has also worked for Microsoft Research Asia and Oracle in U.S. Mr. Song joined Decentralized and Distributed Systems Research at Yale and worked on Dissent Project (a Dining-cryptographers Shuffled Send Network, which is a protocol for accountable anonymous messaging, voting, and other interactions among members of a decentralized group). Mr. Song has received MS from Yale University and BS from Tsinghua University.

2) Victor Ye/Co-founder: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yeyang/
Mr. Ye has worked for LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat in U.S. as senior software engineer. Victor has technical vision in multiple technical dimensions and years of cutting-edge R.D. experiences. During his academic experience, Mr. Ye contributed to fields of data privacy, temporal-spatial data management and distributed database systems with 10+ peer reviewed publications and multiple patents. During his industrial experience, he worked on multiple cutting-edge open source distributed systems including Apache Kafka and project Manhattan in Twitter. Mr. Ye has received Master of Computer Science from Columbia University and Bachelor from Tsinghua University.

3) Eric Li/CTO: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ze-li-0851a220/
Dr. Li has worked as principal data scientist and architect in Microsoft Azure, Capital One and MicroStrategy in U.S. focusing on artificial intelligent, machine learning, cloud computing, business intelligent and big data system design and implementations, FinTech, P2P system and etc. Dr. Li published more than 50 peer reviewed papers in the fields of peer to peer networks, distributed systems, online reputation management, social networks and big data with more than 800+ citations, such as ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking, IEEE Transactions on Distributed System, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Transaction on Computers, ACM Multimedia and etc. He also has multiple US patents. He served as committee members of multiple international conferences. He was the recipient of Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad 2011 and Harris Outstanding Researcher Award in Clemson University 2011. Dr. Li received Ph.D of Computer Engineering from Clemson University, US and BS from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.

4) Shirley Lin/Evangelist: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shirleylinc/
Ms. Lin is a serial entrepreneur, a seasoned executive in Business Development in the mobile AdTech sector serving mobile game/app industry, with extensive relations in Silicon Valley, Europe and China, and specializing in globalization for cross border operations. Ms. Lin was VP of Business development at Yeahmobi, one of the top Chinese mobile performance marketing networks, responsible for the global expansion in San Francisco and Berlin. She also served at iConsole.tv, Nexway (French) and Beintoo (Italian) in the executive rank. Ms. Lin pertains her technical experiences in Operating System level of programming and was an aerospace s/w engineer in Space Shuttle Program at NASA, Houston. Shirley holds a M.S. in Computer Science/Math/Statistic from Texas A&M and a B.A. in History from National Taiwan University.

5) Josh Burns/Core Team Member: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshmburns/
Josh is an experienced consumer internet business leader focused on helping drive revenue, reach and engagement for both early to mid-stage consumer internet companies developing compelling products for both mobile and desktop as well as businesses from traditional industry entering the mobile landscape. He has a specific focus on the video game industry and melds a data driven approach coupled with a creative eye to drive increased product engagement and revenue. He has deep experience with partnerships as well as international markets in the mobile gaming sector. Previously, he worked at 6waves, co-founding the US office and leading the US product management team for one of the largest publishers of games for Facebook, iOS & Android, where he managed & launched over 100+ apps including those from top developers like Kabam, Nexon & Atari, as well as games based on IP from Eminem, Disney, Dungeons & Dragons, Starz & BBC. Prior to 6waves, he worked at Electronic Arts in EA’s Pogo.com division, supporting one of the largest casual game websites, focusing on product management, customer insights, new platforms, market strategy & analytics. Prior to his work at Electronic Arts, Josh worked at various companies providing market research and strategy consulting to Fortune 100 companies in more traditional industries.

6) Henry Zhao/Core Team Member: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hang-zhao-712b7556/
Mr. Zhao has worked as at Perfect World and Tencent. During the period, Mr. Zhao has led the operating and marketing teams for several extreme successful mobile games with total revenue over $100 mil. Mr. Zhao has received both BS/MS of Engineering in Tsinghua University.

7) Han Liao/Core Team Member: https://www.linkedin.com/in/han-liao-4165a569/
Mr. Han has worked as supply lead of Vungle and drove tens of times revenue growth for Vungle in China. Han has also served as Director of Global BD for WQ Mobile. Mr. Han has received M.B.A. from University of La Verne, advanced in Marketing Planning and Financial Analyzing.

8) Ashley Zhou/VP of Operation: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ziya-zhou-94730850/
Ms. Zhou worked as product marketer at LinkedIn and led the marketing & operation of LinkedIn career product and LinkedIn digital advertising sources in China. Ms. Zhou has also served as digital data analyst at Goodby Silverstein & Partners and provided social media strategy & solution for Cisco. Ziya has received Master of Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University and Bachelor from Renmin University.

9) Lily Wang/US General Manager: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lilywangmit/
Technical sales at Google
Director of Marketing at Brainbot
Did business development for Huobi and sourced deals at Huobi Capital
Worked in traditional finance as an options trader

Token 信息

Token 的合约地址:




Token 的小数位精度:18

coinmarketcap.com或非小号上关于的 Token 的链接:


市值:36,377,446 USD (2018.7.10)


流通量:4600000000 (2018.7.10)

Token当前价格:0.007764  (2018.7.10)

ICO 信息

ICO/私募价格:1ETH: 100000DTA

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